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The church offers diverse programs for various age groups, fostering spiritual growth and community. From Kids to 50s and Over, each group engages in activities, study, and fellowship. Leaders guide members in exploring faith, building relationships, and living out their calling in Christ. Join the community to connect, learn, and grow together.

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  • Kids

    A place for babies, toddlers and Elementary kids to discover who God is through the love, care and prayer they receive from our volunteers.  We create an environment for kids to belong, have fun and make friends! Kids can participate on Wednesday nights at 7pm, as well as Sundays at 10:30am.

    Leader: Sandy Lamb 405-532-9845

  • Pre-Teens

    Pre-teens are 5th - 6th graders that meet every Wednesday at 6:30pm.  Our pre-teens can connect with friends and discover biblical foundations by exploring the Bible and sharing in small groups. They can expend their high energy during fun games and enjoy being part of a group that will shape and encourage them to discover who they are called to be!

    Leaders: Will and Sharayah Miller 405-698-6705

  • Students

    A place for High School students to gather every Wednesday at 6:30pm to belong and grow in community.  They hear powerful and engaging messages that hit real life experiences to help them grow in their faith and identity in Christ.  And, they have a ton of fun with games, small group activities and social events!

    Leaders: Ricky and Kyndal Morgan 405-754-9399

  • Young Adults

    Our focus is to create a place where young adults ages 18-25 can build relationships and be inspired by the Word of God. Every month we will hang out, do some fun things, and grow in the faith!  We are building community and encouraging one another to live out the life God called us to.  Come join us every 4th Friday of the month and bring a friend!  Contact Reagan for specific times/places.

  • Mens

    Gather with men from The Church to grow closer to Jesus.  For us to become better husbands, fathers, brothers and sons, we must be rooted in Christ.  We pray, encourage and join together in Bible study and fellowship.  We like to have some good fun in the process!  Contact Jack for more info on group times and events.

    Leader: Jack Price 231-215-8817

  • Womens

    Join with other women to form a sisterhood where we learn from each other by sharing our life experiences while studying God's Word! We grow in our faith together so that people will see God when they see us.  Contact Theresa for more info on group times and events!

    Leader: Theresa Bynam 405-808-0129

  • 50s and Over

    Wisdom comes from long journeys with Jesus and experiencing life!  Join with other like-minded people and age group in a laid-back format of fellowship, food and fun.  We love to pray and encourage one another.  Most of all, we want to be obedient to God!  Join us every 3rd Saturday night.  Locations may vary so call for info.

    Leaders: Dan and Debby Zeyen 405-535-4222

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We offer a vibrant array of creative arts ministries, including a dedicated worship team focused on leading the congregation into God's presence. The media ministry utilizes social networks to spread the gospel and foster spiritual growth. The "Just Worship" Sign Team combines expressive dance and American Sign Language to enhance Christian music. Additionally, creative individuals can contribute to special projects through the Props/Décor team, while the Production Team ensures excellence in online streaming to reach a wider audience.

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  • Worship

    Our worship does not consist of the songs we sing on a Sunday. It's how we live our lives surrendered to Christ!  The worship team is a group of talented, passionate people, dedicated to growing in their gifts for the purpose of expanding the Kingdom.  It's our job to make Him famous through our music and lead our congregation into the Presence of God.

    Leader: Abby Akerman 405-905-9959 .

  • Media

    This ministry is an intentional outreach designed to take the gospel out to the world through social media networks!  Our mission is to interact and build community, provide content to increase spiritual growth and maturity, and raise awareness of The Church. We accomplish this through taking photos during services, activities, classes, and creating graphics that support our objectives.

    Leader: Keliann Hardy 405-623-3601

  • Sign Team

    “Just Worship” Sign Team began within the walls of a prison. It was formed by a group of women who desired reaching God on a deeper level. It is expressive dance using American Sign Language choreographed to complement Christian music with the goal of reaching believers through harmonious worship.

    Leader: Malanei Southerland 405-618-3550

  • Props/Décor

    Are you creative?  Do you love crafting or decorating?  Put your skills to work with our team!  We do special projects that involve different things such as stage props, painting, Holiday projects, and more for events year-round at The Church.

    Leader: Teresa Sand 405-245-2553

  • Production

    The Production Team plays a huge role in reaching the lost beyond The Church walls!  Our mission is to present our services to the community with excellence.  No matter what your experience, you can learn to run cameras for online streaming, lyrics, lights, and sound.  This team provides an opportunity for people to connect to the Word of God and spirit-filled worship online.

    Leader: Randy Sand 405-205-8609

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The outreach initiatives include a nationwide motorcycle ministry called the Priesthood, focused on spreading the gospel to bikers. Street Church engages in reaching people outside traditional church settings, setting up on the Southside to provide snacks and prayer. The Prison Ministry involves trained individuals ministering to inmates in Oklahoma prisons. Freedom Reigns offers a 17-week biblical perspective program addressing addiction and strongholds for a life of freedom.

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  • Priesthood

    A nationwide motorcycle ministry created to reach other bikers and spread the gospel of Jesus. The Prodigal chapter of The Church is heavily involved in statewide motorcycle rallies, ministry opportunities including prison, and supporting other local chapters and clubs. If you have the heart to reach 1% bikers and love to ride, the Priesthood is always open for you!

    Leader: Aaron Cosar 405-886-9042

  • Street Church

    We are crazy passionate about reaching people beyond The Church walls!  Every week, our Street Church team will set up in a location on the Southside, provide snacks and pray with anyone willing.  Our mission is to show love, build relationships and watch God move!

    Leader: Leeann Earls 405-675-6777

  • Prison

    We are a team of people who are trained and badged to minister to the men and women in the prisons of Oklahoma.  We get the opportunity to serve women at Mabel Bassett, as well as the men at Lexington A&R  Center.  Prison Ministry not only fulfills a biblical calling; it can mean the difference between life and death and give hope in a dark place!  Ask how you can get badged and join the team.

    Leader: Tammy Akerman 405-816-3795

  • Freedom Reigns

    Freedom Reigns is a 17-week program that approaches addiction and strongholds from a biblical perspective.  By applying these lessons to your everyday life, you can walk in the freedom that was always meant for you.  Learn the freedom that comes from doing life God's way.  Every Tuesday evening at 7pm.

    Leader: Jase Southerland 405-443-0088

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The Church emphasizes a welcoming atmosphere with a focus on love and service. Various opportunities are available, including the Impressions Team for greeting and hospitality, the Freedom Reigns program addressing addiction biblically, regular prayer sessions, a Foundations Bible Class for spiritual growth, active participation in communion, a Care Team providing support during challenging times, and a Bus Ministry offering transportation to services for those in need. Contact details for each ministry leader are provided for further information and involvement.

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  • Impressions

    The first thing a person should experience when walking through our Church doors is genuine love.  We want everyone to feel welcomed and greeted with a smile.  Our mission is to help and serve.  Impressions Team cares for people, and many times it can be the very reason someone decides to come back to church. Examples of before and after service opportunities might include greeting, setting up coffee/donut station, organizing or answering questions at the Welcome kiosk.

    Leader: Becky Mclain 405-863-0013

  • Freedom Reigns

    Freedom Reigns is a 17-week program that approaches addiction and strongholds from a biblical perspective.  By applying these lessons to your everyday life, you can walk in the freedom that was always meant for you.  Learn the freedom that comes from doing life God's way.  Every Tuesday evening at 7pm.

    Leader: Jase Southerland 405-443-0088

  • Prayer

    Prayer is the foundation of our church.  We offer corporate prayer before every Sunday service at 8:45am, Tuesday evenings from 5:30-6:30pm, and all-day prayer every first Saturday of the month from 7am - 4pm.  This is open to anyone wanting to stand in the gap for others, draw nearer to the Lord, and learn to follow the voice of the Holy Spirit.

    Leader: Justeen Cosar 405-886-0275

  • Foundations Bible Class

    This class is for anyone who wants to grow in their faith. Whether you are a new believer or a seasoned follower, you can find the foundational, Biblical truths to strengthen your relationship with Christ.  Foundations is held on Sunday mornings before church from 9:30am - 10:15am in the Freedom Reigns room located next to the library.

    Leaders: Terry and Linda Schultz 405-312-2277

  • Communion

    The Eucharist, or Communion, is the key focus of our Sunday service every week.  Receiving the elements and gathering around the table has always been held in high value and done with reverence since the beginning of the early church and the Disciples.  Join our communion team and get the honor to serve the body and the blood of Christ!

    Leaders: Greg and Theresa Bynum 405-808-0129

  • Care Team

    Care Team Ministers are trained to listen to, care for, and walk with those going through difficult times in life within our congregation.  We will be the hands and feet of Jesus.  Some examples might include planning meals, hospital visits and lots of prayer!  This team is for those who truly love to serve others.

    Leader: Deb Winchester 405-410-9424

  • Bus Ministry

    Our Church bus drivers provide transportation to and from Wednesday and Sunday services for people in programs  and shelters here in OKC.  Driving The Church bus is an awesome way to get to know people!  Transportation could be the only reason someone doesn’t come to know Christ.  We don’t want that to stand in anyone’s way.  Come drive with us and change a life!

    Leader: Earnie Lynn 405-255-8682

  • Prison Fellowship Pathways

    PF Pathways provides peer support and encouragement as well as opportunities for community service and engagement. These Chapters both in prison and outside of prison, extend the restorative impact of the biblically based Values of Good Citizenship. We are working to help restore individuals who are currently incarcerated and have returned from incarceration. Our vision is to restore communities in OKC through acts of service. This chapter is for adult men, and meet at The Church on Monday evenings at 6:30pm. 

    Leader: Jamie Johnson 405-626-1570

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