Church Kids
A place for babies, toddlers and Elementary kids to discover who God is through the love, care and prayer they receive from our volunteers.

We create an environment for kids to belong, have fun and make friends! They discover who God is through age-appropriate Bible stories, activities, worship and prayer. Through this experience, they learn what it means to live like a Christian. Kids can participate on Wednesday nights at 7pm, as well as Sundays at 10:30am.

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Church Students
A place where Middle School and High School students can gather every Wednesday at 6:30pm to belong and grow in community!

They hear powerful and engaging messages that hit real life experiences to help them grow in their faith and identity in Christ. And, they have a ton of fun with games, small group activities and social events!

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Prayer is the foundation of our faith.

We are a praying Church! We offer corporate prayer before every Sunday service at 8:45am. This is open to anyone wanting to draw nearer to the Lord and learn more about hearing and following the voice of the Holy Spirit. We have seen many answered prayers and believe He will answer many more!

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Adult Ministries
Our adult ministries consist of Men, Women and Adults over 50!

We simply want to grow closer to Jesus. When our focus is right, we become better husbands, fathers, brothers and sons who represent Christ in all areas of our lives. Women can find a sisterhood where we learn from each other by sharing our life experiences and studying God's Word! Joining our adult ministries will help you grow in relationship and connect. We are meant to do life together!

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A nationwide motorcycle ministry created to reach other bikers and spread the gospel of Jesus.

The Prodigal chapter of The Church is heavily involved in statewide motorcycle rally’s, ministry opportunities including prison, and supporting other local chapters and clubs. If you love to ride, the Priesthood is always open for you!

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Freedom Reigns
Freedom Reigns is a 17-week program that approaches addiction and strongholds from a biblical perspective.

By applying these lessons to your everyday life, you can walk in the freedom that was always meant for you. Learn the freedom that comes from doing life God's way. Every Tuesday evening at 7pm.

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We are crazy passionate about reaching people beyond The Church walls!

There are many opportunities to serve our community and our city. We have groups that go into the prisons around the state, teach classes at Jesus House, and even pray with the community alongside the Parking Lot Prayer group. If you have a heart for the homeless, then our Street Church ministry is for you. Our mission is to find a need and fill it; find a hurt and heal it.

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